Thursday, February 15, 2007

OSP West - Home

With my head full of information and inspiration, I started for home. On the way, I saw a large bridge that I couldn't pass up on for a photo op.

Of course, I had to stop about half way home at my Uncle and Aunt, Gil & Helen's house in Santa Paula. They are the absolute best. Thank you guys for the nice stay and incredible food!

First I checked out my uncle's blinging rims.

Then a walk down memory lane during a visit of the butcher shop he's owned for many years.

So many memories.

There they are. Love you guys!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

OSP West - Sunday

This was our final day together. Kinda sad. Se did some children shoots at the studios of Kenneth Morgan and Big Folio . Thank you, Kenny, Erik and gang!

The roomies. That's me on the right. Photo by Bill Cawley.

Finishing the weekend with a talk on destination weddings by Mr. Gene Higa .

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

OSP West - Saturday

The second day in Pismo started in the rain. More thanks and congrats to both our awesome couples!

We got drenched.

Our lenses were getting fogged up. Was it our models or the rain?

Macs everywhere. That's what I like to see.

Later, a downtown shoot with Kenneth Morgan .

Braving the cold

Kenny going postal with his shots. Thanks for a great time!

Grabbing some world-famous clam chowder at the Splash Cafe. In a word...Yum.

Am I ascending into a new life? Nope, it's just K.C. Larsen. Thanks for getting the room set up, K.C.

Robin Pesa (of Bellissima)'re a superstar. Thank you for everything!

Monday, February 12, 2007

OSP West - Friday

Open Source Photo is an incredible online community of photographers from all over the nation - and in fact, the world. Photogs of all emphases and experience have become addicted to the forum and use it as a place to grow professionally, artistically and personally. Nowhere online have I seen such a large, tight-knit group of individuals eager to encourage and help each other grow in their careers and passions.

Once in a while, the members congregate in a space to meet and share in person. On February 9th, OSP West kicked off its first such gather. It lasted through the weekend and was worth the effort, time and money it cost to attend. Most of us felt like we'd already met a few, if not many, of the attendees. Here are some of the images I took on the first day.

Kicking off the weekend at Colin Michael's house.

Thanks for the lighting workshop, Colin. I'm not gonna say your house in the middle of nowhere...well, yes I am.

Checking out the beautiful wine country at EOS Winery.

You're a good man, JT. Thanks for letting me keep you up until all hours and congrats on your new studio !

Frighteningly beautiful.

Out couple did a great job. Congratulations on your engagement, guys!

Going for the...ahem...artsy look.

Mr John Michael Cooper of altf making the scene. Thanks for the inspiration, John.

The Robert Hall Winery. was amazing.

Just practicing.

Dramatic story telling while painting with light.

Yeah, they did a great job.

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