Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beauty Amidst Destruction

This is happening outside right now.
A local fire and the distant sun are coming together for this show.

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Don't take a photo like this and stare too long into the lens. I'm still having trouble seeing properly!

Edit: I've since learned how many people are affected by this fire. Our prayers are with them as they evacuate and await word on their belongings - as well as with the firefighters doing such a great service for us all.

Update: It's 4:00 am and San Diego is continuing to burn. It's far worse than I first realized when I shot the glow of the sun. Just so everyone knows, we're okay and housed for the time being, but evacuations are occurring at a pace faster than anything I can remember in my lifetime. If any of you need it, please let me know how we can help.

Here're images taken just moments ago - from the exact same spot...
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david & kimi baxter said...

hey eddie, hope alls good with you guys. the fires are burning my brain. stay safe out there!

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

Thank you. You too!

david & kimi baxter said...

thank goodness you guys are okay. love that 2nd to last shot. it's got an awesome feel to it.

Donna said...

Just checking out your blog and found these shots...seems so long ago that San Diego was turned upside down because of the fires and your blog is a reminder of how lucky we are! I have many clients that have called asking about replacing their photos lost in the fires and it reinforces how important a photographers role in life is! great images!

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